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Current Projects

De Winton Flight Training School

No. 31 Elementary Flying Training School 75th Anniversary Commemoration was held on June 15th, 2016

Okotoks Online 75th anniversary coverage with lots of pictures from the event
CBC Calgary article about the base
CBC Homestretch article featuring Don Laubman
Calgary Herald Former RAF base, Station De Winton, celebrates 75th birthday

RCAF Kittyhawk
Accident Proneness Report

A medical student in 1948 requested sixteen WWII North American pilots' files from the RCAF as part of his thesis. PXHugh Burns Hay looked at their training, education, family background, flying experience, types of aircraft, and weather conditions, looking for a common theme as to why these were fatal accidents.

WWII Correspondence Project

I am looking for Canadian WWII correspondence, preferably RCAF, of all varieties: letters, postcards, and telegrams to use in another research project.

Women's Study

Study of the women who died in service of Canada during World War II.

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